Concrete Sphere Tutorial | GARDEN | DECOR | DIY

Concrete Sphere Tutorial | GARDEN | DECOR | DIY

These Enchanting Garden Spheres (or ORBS) add a bit of intrigue and magical texture to any garden space whether it's a modern garden or fairytale garden. I've always loved architectural remnants and found objects. I was researching how to create these and found many inspiring videos, but none had a full step-by-step tutorial. I just couldn't (not) try this out because retail prices for Garden Spheres are absolutely insane and even after buying the materials and having quite a bit extra I would say I saved money all around. As promised, I am listing below all of my ingredients, materials, and mixtures, but please do your own research and there are awesome websites you can search for concrete recipes for all garden projects. This is simply how I did this process and definitely learning always. MATERIALS: CEMENT BOARD TAPE SLURRY: - Quickcrete PORTLAND CEMENT (2 CUPS) - Polymer Bonding Agent (1 CUP approx.) - WATER (as needed) - Liquid Cement Pigment: Brown: Terra Cotta: CONCRETE MIXTURE: Mix small batches to keep working time reasonable. - 1 PART - SAND - 1 PART - PORTLAND CEMENT - WATER - AS NEEDED - POLYMER BONDING ADHESIVE (A LITTLE BIT) #concretedecor #gardendecor



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