BICYCLE Garden Decor - Easy!

BICYCLE Garden Decor - Easy!

See even more great ideas at http://www.CAmericaProjects.comMaking a Bicycle Garden Ornament. Hi this is Coreen from Capn America Projects! Be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe. This is the bike that I started with to make the lawn ornament. It is very retro classic looking bike but we can't ride it anymore. I removed the dust so that the paint would adhere to the bike. I covered all of the fun emblems on the bike with masking tape so that I wouldn't paint over them. I wanted to keep the retro look going on the bike. I was very careful to just cover the emblems and not the bike so that the old finish wouldn't show through when I removed the masking tape. I covered the bike with a spray paint that will bind to metal. I did a couple of coats. It was difficult to spray paint the bicycle because you have to get all of the wheel. I would spray a portion of it, let it dry, and then move the wheel and repaint. It was also tricky to cover all the spokes. There are a lot of parts to a bicycle so it was tricky to cover it all with the blue paint. Once it was dry, I pealed up the masking tape. This is my favorite part to peal up painters tape and see the crisp lines that it makes. It looks so sharp when you do that. I pulled off all the masking tape to reveal all the really fun emblems. There it is a lawn ornament for my front yard. I think that it make a cheerful lawn ornament, very welcoming to whoever wants to come and visit. Thank you for watching! Ezekiel 1:16 Awesome Call - Rollin at 5 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:



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