Crochet Cord Tutorial | Simple, Fast, Easy

Crochet Cord Tutorial | Simple, Fast, Easy

A tutorial of how to crochet a simple cord or rope, fast and easy. The cords are great to use as bracelets, drawstrings, or straps. Blog post: In this tutorial, one side of the cord is knit-look, and the other side is not. But this is faster way to make a cord/rope. And the finished cord looks very nice and tidy. #crochetcord #crochetrope #crochetstrap #crochetdrawstring #crochetbracelet Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:19 First step: preparing the yarn 1:21 Start to crochet 3:45 Finish with a knot ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ Another easy crochet along project: Rose Flower Crochet Tutorial | Fast And Easy Crochet Along Heart Pillow Crochet Tutorial (big version) Heart Crochet Tutorial (mini version) Heart Basket Easy Crochet Tutorial Solid Heart Crochet Easy Tutorial | Heart Applique Crochet Along Puff Flower Crochet Tutorial Crochet Mini Heart Applique How To Crochet Granny Heart How To Crochet Heart Amigurumi (3D Heart Crochet) How To Crochet Flower Granny Square How To Crochet Simple Headband For Babies ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ Hi… thank you for visiting. My name is Effi. I’ve been sewing, crocheting, and knitting for the past 8 years. Here you can find my crochet tutorials, especially Mini Amigurumi. My tutorials are not perfect. I am still learning too. But I hope they will make you enjoy crafting as much as I do! ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ My website: Youtube Channel: @GratiaProject Please subscribe for more tutorials ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ If you check on my video, I mostly use Tulip Crochet Hook. I have different kind of crochet hook, but I use this a lot. If you a beginner and only want to buy 1 crochet hook, I recommend using Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook, 5/3mm. From my experience, this size suit with yarn size 1 to 3. I even use this size to make amigurumi with yarn size 4. Here is the link to buy: Crochet hook: Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook, 7/4mm Crochet hook: Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook, 5/3mm CLOVER Split Ring Markers * Some links may be affiliate links which will allow me to make a commission for purchases made through these links. ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡



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