DIY Box idea | Cardboard idea | Paper craft

DIY Box idea | Cardboard idea | Paper craft

In this video I will show you how to make a beautiful box out of cardboard with your own hands. Hope you enjoy this idea! #papercraft #diy #craft The base of the box was made of 2mm thick binding cardboard. The dimensions are indicated in the video. I connected the main part and the lid with metal hinges, which I glued to universal glue. The surface of the box was pasted over with pieces of thin corrugated cardboard on PVA glue. And covered the entire surface with spackling paste. Allowed to dry. Decorated the box with cardboard elements and elements made of self-hardening clay using silicone molds. Here are links to them: I covered the box with black acrylic paint and left it to dry completely. This time I decided to use craquelure varnish for an aging effect. This effect can be done with PVA glue. Next time I'll show you how. I applied white paint with the top layer. She also showed in the video how to make a stencil and decoupage card.



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