DIY Party Craft Ideas

DIY Party Craft Ideas

Make your kid's special day more special with awesome birthday party craft ideas. Buy Supplies: Wrapping Paper: Paper Straws: Craft Paper: Watch more: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe Youtube: DIY PARTY CRAFTS: Ever wished to make your party supplies yourself but the thought of it being complicated stopped you? We got an easy tutorial to help you make those pretty party supplies easily. DIY CONFETTI POPPERS: Supplies: Tissue roll Patterned paper Double sided tape Thread Confetti Method: Step 1 – Take an empty piece of the tissue roll. Step 2 – Paste the roll on the corner of a patterned paper. Make sure to position the roll at the center. Step 3 – Roll the paper around the tissue roll and paste the edges using a double sided tape. Step 4 – Fold the papers around the outer edges of the roll and secure it with a thread. Cut off the excess from the thread. Step 5 – Fill confetti inside the roll. Now fold in and secure the other end too. It should now look like a giant wrapped toffee. Step 6 – Now, Pull one end of the giant toffee. It will tear open and the confetti will pop out. DIY PARTY BLOWERS Supplies: Paper A rubber -band Straw Tape Glue Method: Step 1 - Take a piece of paper of the dimension 3 inch by 10 inches. Step 2 - Fold it in half along the 3-inch side as shown. Crease well and unfold. Step 3 - Now fold the paper such that the two ends meet at the crease line. Step 4 - Fold the end of the paper and paste it as shown in the video. Step 5 - Now, roll the paper and use a rubber-band to hold it in place. Step 6 - Leave it for a few hours before removing the rubber-band. Step 7 - Now insert one end of a straw inside the paper as shown and use some tape to hold it in place. Step 8 - Make as many as your heart desires. Your blowers are ready to rock the party. DIY PARTY HATS Supplies: Template print out Woollen thread Glue stick Hot glue gun Cardboard Scissors Paper cutter knife Method: Step 1 – Download the template ( and take a print out. Step 2 – Cut along the solid lines in the template. Step 3 – Fold along the dotted line. Step 4 – Apply glue on the outside of the folded part and insert it into the slit made on the other end of the template and stick it in place. Step 5 – Cut two cardboard circles and cut it into the shape shown in the video. Step 6 – Roll some woolen thread around the cardboard as shown. Step 7 – Cut along the edge of the cardboard, stilling the thread in the process. Insert a thread into the slit made and tie it to hold the threads in place. Now, remove the piece of cardboard. Step 8 – Paste the ball of threads on top of the hat using hot glue gun.



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