DIY Recycled newspaper box idea | Newspaper Craft

DIY Recycled newspaper box idea | Newspaper Craft

In this video I will show you how to make box from recycled newspaper with my own hands. In this diy I will craft and decorate with using newspaper and glue gun. Hope you enjoy this idea! #diyideas #diy #diycraft Cut newspapers into strips 10 cm wide. Twisted into tubes using a wooden stick. The tip was glued with white glue. Twisted 2 circles and cut the edges. For the walls I used newspaper sheets so that the walls were flat. The lid was fixed in a half-round state using hot glue and a newspaper tube. I tried to clearly demonstrate this process in the video. To fix the lid and the main part, I used a straw and a wooden skewer. Alternating glued the tubes in a checkerboard pattern to the lid and to the base. It was painted with acrylic paint in two colors: black and yellow.



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