Hair Bun Maker Crochet Hair Accessories

Hair Bun Maker Crochet Hair Accessories

Tutorial step by step how to crochet Hair Bun Maker (Crochet Hair Accessories). In this tutorial I used worsted-wight yarn, 3mm crochet hook, and 2mm wire (bonsai wire). The important part is to use good quality wire, that thick enough, flexible, but strong to hold our hair in place. Blog ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ ABBREVIATIONS (US Crochet Terms) st(s): stitch(es) sl st: slip stitch ch: chain sc: single crochet ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ Another crochet along project: Rose Flower Crochet Tutorial | Fast And Easy Crochet Along Heart Pillow Crochet Tutorial (big version) Heart Crochet Tutorial (mini version) Heart Basket Easy Crochet Tutorial Solid Heart Crochet Easy Tutorial | Heart Applique Crochet Along Puff Flower Crochet Tutorial Crochet Mini Heart Applique How To Crochet Granny Heart How To Crochet Heart Amigurumi (3D Heart Crochet) How To Crochet Flower Granny Square How To Crochet Simple Headband For Babies ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ Hi… thank you for visiting. My name is Effi. I’ve been sewing, crocheting, and knitting for the past 9 years. Here you can find my crochet tutorials, especially Mini Amigurumi. My tutorials are not perfect. I am still learning too. But I hope they will make you enjoy crafting as much as I do! ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ My website: Youtube Channel: @GratiaProject Please subscribe for more tutorials ♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡━━━♡ Music : The Inner You Produced by Umbrtone Provided by Umbrtone-No copyright music Video Link:



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