Spring Trend 2019

Spring Trend 2019

Create a quick and easy glam nude and glitter gel nail look with SensatioNail. suitable for any occassion. You will need the following: • Taupe Tulips gel polish - https://www.sensationail.co.uk/taupe-tulips-grey-beige-gloss.html • White Lily gel polish - https://www.sensationail.co.uk/white-lily-gloss.html • SensatioNail Essentials Kit - https://www.sensationail.co.uk/essentials-kit.html • SensatioNail LED Lamp - https://www.sensationail.co.uk/led-nail-lamp-gel-nails.html • Silver glitter puffer - https://www.sensationail.co.uk/silver-nail-glitter-fx.html • Nail Art brush kit - https://www.sensationail.co.uk/nail-art-brush-set.html Manicure Instructions Step 1: File your nails to the desired length and shape. Step 2: Buff the nails with the pink side of the buffer until all the shine is removed. Step 3: Cleanse your nails with the cleanser and lint free wipes provided. (If the nail remains shiny, repeat the buffing and cleansing steps) Step 4: Apply primer and allow to air dry. Step 5:Apply base coat and cure for 15 seconds. Step 6: Apply 2 coats of Taupe Tulips, curing in-between for 30 seconds. For the art: Step 7: Apply SensatioNail glitter in silver to the desired nail. Step 8: Add a ‘V’ using the glitter to your accent nail and tap off any excess glitter. Step 9: Using White Lily, apply a ‘V’ using the dotting tool or striping brush onto your accent nail and cure for 30 seconds. Step 10: Apply your top coat and cure for 15 seconds. Step 11: Wipe away the tacking layer using cleanser and lint free wipes. Enjoy your fabulous manicure



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