Step-by-Step Instructions for Concrete Molds, DIY Garden Decoration: M

Step-by-Step Instructions for Concrete Molds, DIY Garden Decoration: Make Your Own Stepping Stones

Step-by-Step Instructions for Concrete Molds By AUTUMN ( AUTUMN Concrete Molds: APPLICATION: Reusable mold for concrete, cement. Easy to use to create a beautiful stepping stone, pathway, garden walkway. Molds are made of plastic which allows you to use the molds over and over. DO IT YOURSELF: Make your own stepping stone! Paint your own stepping stone! Make your own personalized garden stepping stone! Enjoy your DIY stepping stone and your awesome garden walkway. This is a great mold to use for making a walkway or creating paths through your garden area. EASY TO MAKE, no experience needed. Enjoy your unique DIY path in your garden, patio stepping stones. Additional Information and instructions: Order concrete molds: About us AUTUMN is an American manufacturing company. We believe that every product can be produced efficiently locally at an affordable price. Our mission is to bring manufacturing back home to the USA. Follow us on our journey to the bright future of automatic manufacturing. Thank you for supporting American manufacturing.



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